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Veronica V
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Seems all posts are 3 months+ months ago. I wanted to share this. Some very interesting information that may be worth looking into if you suffer from Graves like me
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Yes people still post. 

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I am a new member. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in July of this year. And when I thought that was bad news I got diagnosed with Grave's the following month. I am still new to this.I have been in a lot of medicines since July. I am on propranlolo for my heart, methimzole for my thyroid, and others to help me sleep, for the joint pain, and for the headaches I get. And some days are so bad for me. I have the disabiliting tiredness.Where I can sleep half the day. My vision blurrs in and out at times. And forgetting things all the time. And I heard grave's can effect your memory. And horrible joint pain. At this point my encro wants to do RAI. But I am scared. I saw one forum on RAI on here talking about muscle weakness and joint pain. Racing heart and sweating as sign affects to this. Please help! What should execpt! And should I choose to do RAI. I am a mother of two children who are not even 2 and then one that is 5. I can't be down for the count with two kids!
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I had a thyroidectomy when I asked about the RAI  he said the don’t do that anymore. H is since long gone from my Rolodex. If I have a choice I still would have the thyroidectomy but it’s just personal opinion..

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