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Good afternoon, all.  I have graves.  Diagonsed about a year ago and have been taken methimozole (?).  I'm wondering how to find a doctor that specializes in graves.  It seems like all my doctors patients have diabetes and I sometimes get conflicting information from my doctor.  For instance, she strongly urged me to have the radiation because the meds were very dangerous to be on.  A few months later she said the meds were fine and held very little risk.  Confused!  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Joann, I live in Australia but I also found it was difficult to find an endocrinologist, who specialises in thyroid problems. Most deal with diabetic patients. The only suggestion I can give you is to do your own research. Self education helps in sensing a good thyroid specialist. Regarding RAI, I believe it is a very radical treatment, which needs to be properly justified and is the last choice for Graves' treatment. Methimazole is a medication considered safe by medical community and it can help with remission. There are also holistic approaches to Graves' and some people report a reversal of their condition with natural herbs, supplements and life style changes, especially with mild Graves'. I invite you to visit my website:

I have wriitten an honest book which talks about all Graves' disease treatments and might help you in in making your personal decission regarding your treatment.

Wishing you the best of health


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