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I just wanted to make the point that Pretibial Myxedema is miss named, yes, the more common site it the lower leg but it can occur anywhere on the body. Mine was on my face, neck and ears and very, very disfiguring, as I also had TED, my face for years was little more than a swollen, painful, lumpy masque, even after the operations on my eyes the myxedema lasted for over 17 years!. I went from an attractive, outgoing confident individual to a total recluse.

Since the myxedma went I am more able to go out, for years I could not stand to feel the sun on my skin, I dreaded the summer months, now I can enjoy the sun once again and look forward to summer and walking my dog in the sunshine. I was told the rash would go one day but after 17 years I was beginning to think it would never happen, but it did, three years ago and everyone now comments how different I  look and how good my skin after so many years. 

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