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Submitting your personal story for Surviving Graves Disease

I have been working on a book on and off for many years. This year I hope to have it ready to be published! My Editor has suggested that short stories from other people with Graves would be helpful to the readers.  And, I totally agree!  Only a person with Graves can understand the struggles we go through. 

I am searching for about 15 people to share a small part of their journey that will make the reader smile, touch their heart and help to understand specific topics; such as:

  • ATDs
  • RAI
  • Surgery
  • Long Term Recovery
  • Orbital Decompression Surgery
  • Changes in lifestyle, such as: meditation, nutrition and exercise

Your story should be a small part of your journey submitted in a Word document.  A few paragraphs would be fine but please try to keep it under 600 words. Unless asked to be anonymous, I will use your first name and initial of last name. Please email your story to [email protected].  Deadline for submissions is August 1, 2018. If your story is accepted, I will email you a simple contract giving me the right to publish your story and agreeing to allow for any editing. Upon receipt of the contract, compensation will be provided in the form of PayPal in the amount of $20.00. Please only one submission per person.  

My goal is to email all of the notifications of acceptance by October 1, 2018.  However, every story will be considered carefully and, depending on the number of submissions, it could a take longer before the acceptance letters are emailed. I'm sure every story submitted will be beautiful as it is a special part of someone's life.  However, I simply cannot afford to accept every story.  The stories accepted will be those that fit the best within this book and touch the reader the most.  

Thank you in advance for considering to share a small part of your journey in a book that I truly hope will help others and bring awareness to Graves' Disease!